zaterdag 25 april 2009

Engels gaan praten

I don’t like to move the subject around, but I don’t have the sin to explain why it is so important to talk in English. Why? Look alone at your computer! That is completely clear, I mean, to you? When there is something unclear, you always can call me up. Or of course you mail me up, what you ever want. Ever.
But let us take the situation in The Derp on this midday. Horrible to consider about, but maybe lessonsworth for you. There stood no wind today, although there came later in the midday some wind from the sea. The North Sea, rather cold. That couldn’t press the pleasure on the terrasses, I am totally sure!
But in the meantime a destruction firm was doing the destruction of the Tromp Basic School, what went coupled with a lot of banging and hammering. Why come there so much men together, when there is to see so little? I ask you that. All they see is: stuff. Enormous amounts of that. And that for a school with but six school locals!
Anyway. On a certain moment I stood there also looking, and a bulldozer ran up my house! I said: ‘Ho! Not there! That must not be deconstructed!’ But the driver of the bulldozer heard me not, and that’s why I am now situated in room 412 of the Zuiderduin Hotel, because I could not stay in my own house anymore. Impossible.
I have already had a sorry from the driver of the bulldozer, so that is one okay. Tomorrow morning it seems to be all right again, but you sit with the case!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Very brave of you that you don't go over your turns, sitting with a case like that. Every time a bulldozer makes my house flat, I go over my turns and I lose my dinges, how do you say temperature..?

  2. I never go over the reds when something bad happens. So this time it comes also not to the fore.

  3. Sometimes when an bulldozer makes your house flat it comes because you haunted the driver of the bulldozer against you in the harness.
    He takes revenge by making your house flat.
    But I am sorry to hear that you are sitting on a room in the hotel Zuiderduin. But you sit close to the beach and you can enjoy the outsight.
    You mean you never go through the ribbon? I would hang in the curtains when it would happen to me.